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Our Psychotherapist

Safwa Abdul Latheef

BA (Psychology), MSc (Psychology, Hons), 

Safwa is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist able to work with adults, children and families. She is undergoing advanced training from Group Analysis India, affiliated to Institute of Group Analysis, UK. 


She takes a keen interest in teaching, training and education having taken a lead in developing and organising a number of programs for beginner practitioners, school educators and the public. 

Safwa adheres to strict ethical and professional standards, following the frameworks prescribed by the BACP


  •  International Diploma in Group Work Practice (2 years)

  • Training in Psychoanalytic Practice (2 years)

  • Diploma in Teaching Children with Learning Disabilities (1 year)

Once weekly online Group Analytic Psychotherapy for adults over the age of 20

Wednesdays 5pm IST

90 minute session

This is a slow-open group which will run for a minimum of 3 years. Membership range between 5 to 8 members. Members are expected to commit to attending regularly.


Group analytic psychotherapy is a unique and intensive form of therapy that offers you a link between experiencing your difficulties in isolation to helping you feel belonged, understood and challenged in the stories and experiences of others. These groups offer a rich learning experience for you as a social being as you begin to observe how you relate to others and how you are experienced by them while you address personal challenges. Depression, anxiety, difficult life transitions, loss of a loved one, difficulty in intimate relationships in the family, work or other settings are some of the concerns you can bring to your group.

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